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Refinishing your aluminum or vinyl siding can restore vibrancy to your home and protect it from the elements for many years. To bring new life to your property, and guarantee easy maintenance, we break each job into two parts:

Siding Before
Siding After

Good preparation always precedes a QUALITY FINISH. A lasting & durable bonding of paint to aluminum or vinyl siding is obtained by applying the paint to a CLEAN & PROFESSIONALLY PREPARED SURFACE.

1. MILDEW, MOLD & ALGAE STAINS are removed by a bleach solution (a non-chlorine solution specifically formulated for exterior applications) applied by a low pressure spray. Good coverage is assured.

2. CHALKING, DIRT & POLLUTANTS are removed by a detergent cleaner & by a HIGH PRESSURE POWER-WASHING.




Three coats of BENJAMIN MOORE MOOREGUARD is applied professionally by PRODUCTION AIRLESS SPRAY EQUIPMENT. (Airless sprayers produce little over spray & therefore paint goes on your house, not on shrubs, trees & plants). The resultant finish is a smooth quality coating. This DURABLE FACTORY-LIKE FINISH is fade resistant & resists peeling, cracking & chipping.


This NEW FINISH may easily be cleaned by your garden hose & is MILDEW RESISTANT. This finish has an exceptionally long service life and is guaranteed for 10 years.

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