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Leaky roof? Don't replace it. Fix it, once and for all, for a fraction of the cost.

AHERN PAINTING is Southern New Jersey’s Authorized Applicator of the Astec® Re-ply Roofing System.  We are formally trained installers of ASTEC’s fluid-applied membrane system to convert most traditional roofing substrates.

Can you avoid costly roofing tear-off with a fluid-applied roof?

A fluid-applied roof is a multi-layered system that creates a seamless waterproof seal over an existing, qualified substrate; eliminating the need for costly roofing tear-off and replacement.

Many roofs that are being torn off would qualify as substrates for conversion to sustainable, fluid-applied roofs, resulting in huge savings with the elimination of unnecessary expenses in facility downtime, reconstruction & disposal costs.

Don’t let your roof waste your maintenance budget.  Never pay to replace a roof you can convert to a sustainable (renewable) watertight roof.




1. Appearance – In just days, a newly coated roof will transform your property, and in some cases, look better than new.

2. Protection – Roof coating weather-seals your roof and helps protect your home or business from damp and adverse weather.

3. Minimizes Energy Loss – Roof coating acts as a protective barrier to retain heat in your property, keeping precious energy in during winter months, thus reducing energy bills.

4. Keeps Roof Cool – Deflects heat from the hot summer away from roof to help lower air conditioning bills.

5. Increases Property Value – Roof coating has a huge impact on the look of your property and can add value up to the cost of a new roof to your home or business.

6. Extends Roof Life – Roof coating extends the life of your roof tiles or may help your property pass inspection if you plan to sell.

7. Costs – Far more cost efficient than replacement, eliminates disruptions to normal operations.

8. 10-Year Renewable Warranty - Experience has demonstrated that the Astec® Re-Ply roofing systems, properly applied, can be renewed every ten years. With a watertight Renewable Warranty, every Astec® Re-Ply System roof restoration can become the last roof that facility will ever need.


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