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The importance of a clean, sound surface for painting cannot be overstated. All presence of dirt, grease and mildew should be removed prior to painting. Painting over an unclean surface will diminish the life of the paint job. Mold & mildew grows best in the following areas:

    • Storm damaged areas that remain wet for 24 hours or more
    • Attics with roof leaks or inadequate ventilation
    • Basements with dirt floors or water problems
    • Behind and under showers, tubs, toilets, and bathroom walls
    • Carpeting and padding
    • Ceilings from roof leaks
    • Ceiling tiles
    • Crawl spaces
    • Drywall in walls & ceilings affected by moisture
    • Wallpaper & behind wallpaper
    • Exterior paint

AHERN PAINTING uses chlorine-free bleach for mildew and mold applications for our power washing services.

power washing mildew removal
powerwashing mildew removal nj

Why not use chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite 6%)?

Mold's hypae (root structures) actually grow into wood and drywall like roots. The hyphae are not killed by bleach because bleach's ion structure prevents chlorine from penetrating into porous materials such as drywall and wood. It stays on the outside surface, whereas mold has protected enzyme roots growing inside the porous construction materials. When you spray porous surface molds with bleach, the water part of the solution soaks into the wood while the bleach chemical sits atop the surface, gasses off, and thus only partially kills the surface layer of mold while the water penetration of the building materials foster further mildew and mold growth.

Have you ever noticed after cleaning mildew and mold with bleach how quickly the mildew and mold return, and even stronger? Chlorine Bleach is NOT a registered EPA mold-killing product. "The use of chlorine bleach is not recommended as a routine practice during mold cleanup." From the www.epa.gov website.

AHERN PAINTING offers to use chlorine-free bleach for mold and mildew applications. We also offer the application of a unique, long-lasting fungicide designed to prevent and control the growth of mold, mildew, algae and moss on most surfaces.

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