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About Ahern Professional Painting Contractor Services

Founded, owned, and operated by John Ahern since 1995, Ahern Painting's respect for its customers' properties is simply unparalleled. Each job begins long before a drop of paint leaves the can: Honest bidding, extensive planning and preparation, a full-time team of long-tenured craftsmen, and the finest materials ensure that each job is completed to the total satisfaction of the client – the first time around, every time. Our intention is to be your painter for life. Our customers are our neighbors and we treat them with the consideration and attention they expect.

AHERN PAINTING Value Statement

AHERN PAINTING provides truly superior residential, commercial and industrial painting in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware Tri-State area. To that end, we commit to:

  • Uncompromising quality and standards
  • A passionate focus on doing each job the right way - the first time, every time
  • A team of craftsmen dedicated to consistency, excellence and reliability

Customers are often astounded at not just our quality and demeanor, but at the scope of work we can accomplish. We paint homes and commercial buildings inside and out. And we even refinish furniture in our state-of-the-art shop, where we use the industry's latest technology to produce finishes as fine as any you will see. Just tell us the coating you need, and we can handle it. And we do it all with an unwavering dedication to excellence and pride in the finished product.

There's a crucial and noticeable difference between a job being done and a job being done correctly. Meticulous planning, absolute attention to detail, and transparent communication are necessary to achieve the most desirable result. Ahern Painting embodies these values – and it shows in every job.

John Ahern is a past president of the South Jersey Chapter of the Painting & Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA). PDCA membership supports reputable contractors, affording us knowledge of current environmental and contractor laws as well as the latest products and technology.

We're proud to be one of the first companies in New Jersey to achieve national PDCA accreditation. Currently only a small percentage of painting contractors across the country have achieved this standard. Accreditation is attained through the completion of "Contractor College" courses and testing in the areas of management, training, and skills as defined by the association and industry peers. Accreditation distinguishes those contractors who show a commitment to continuing education and exceptional craftsmanship.


Ahern's Cost Comparison:

If it seems like the cost of painting a property or room fluctuates wildly, depending on whom you ask, that's because it does. Unfortunately, many contractors cut corners all over the place, but especially in prepping each job. Ahern Painting includes 100% stripping in every job and estimate, while nearly every other contract includes only partial scraping and sanding.

What does this mean?

Partial Scrape and Sand is simply hand scraping of any visible loose of peeling paint prior to painting.

100% Strippingmeans complete removal of painted finishes from the substrate by means of hand scraping, grinding, shaving, chemically stripping, or abrasive blasting. This is followed by a thorough sanding for an optimum substrate for acceptance of coatings.

This upfront work affects the quality, cost, and value of the job for years and decades to come.

For example:

Option A - Stripping
Option B - Partial Scrape & Sand
Description 100% Stripping
Labor Hours 211
Cost $10,555
Paint Job Life 12 - 15 Years
Yearly Value Year 10: $1,055
Year 11: $959
Year 12: $879
Year 13: $811
Year 14: $753
Year 15: $703
Total $ Spent in 15 years: $10,555
Description Partial Scrape & Sand
Labor Hours 132
Cost $6,660
Paint Job Life 2 - 4 Years
Yearly Value Year 4: $1,650
-Potential Life on Paint Job
Year 5: $7,260
-New Paint job cost w/ inflation
Year 9: $7,986
-New Paint job cost w/ inflation
Total $ Spent in 13 years: $21,846

So why does Ahern Painting include 100% stripping versus partial scrape and paint?

  1. Substantial savings in the long run (see above)
  2. Better looking paint job from day one! Example: no ridges or bumps from incomplete sanding, no "alligatoring" showing through the substrate, etc.
  3. Provides a good, sound foundation for successive paint jobs and easier maintenance, less time = less money
  4. Less painting means less disruption of home life.
  5. Doing the job right the first time - NO SHORTCUTS!
Ahern Painting Services
Ahern Painting Services NJ
"Thank you for your attention to detail, professionalism and timely completion of our job. We are completely satisfied with our "improved" house! We would highly recommend Ahern Painting as well as continue to select your company for all of our future painting needs!
Mr. & Mrs. Godin,
Haddon Township, NJ

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