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Drywall and Plaster Repair Services New JerseyEven the most highly skilled painters using the finest paints are limited by the quality of the surface they're painting — if it's poor, the end result will be, too.

AHERN PAINTING has the experience and know-how to prepare you walls the right way in order to maximize the look and life of your interior paint job. Nail pops, loose drywall tape, water damage and wall scars of everyday life can't hide under a coat of paint. You need trained professionals to correct these imperfections before finish coats are applied.

Owners of older homes are very familiar with the challenges presented by plaster walls. Settlement cracks and weather damage are often beyond the scope of a homeowner repair. Our trained professionals will skillfully handle minor plaster repairs, preparing your walls for a beautiful paint job. AHERN PAINTING will help your historical home blend the character of plaster walls with a fresh, new look.  

Plaster Repair SJ
Drywall Repair SJ

Drywall & Plaster Restoration

Several techniques are used in the restoration of plaster depending upon the age of your home and the condition of your walls. From hairline cracks to sagging ceilings to working with plaster and lath, AHERN PAINTING is expert at restoring your plaster walls.

Horsehair Plaster  - Commonly used at the turn of the century, AHERN PAINTING is experienced with the distinct characteristics of horsehair plaster and with resolving the problems that are inherent in this material. For more information, please see our Problem Solving section.

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"Great Job! As usual we are really pleased in all respects with you and your crew"
Gene Williams
Cherry Hill, NJ

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